Corporate Information

embassyrendered2Embassy Square Mall is owned and operated by Embassy Square, LLC.

We are in business to provide outstanding service to our tenants so that, in turn, they will succeed by providing outstanding products and services to their customers and congregants.

Therefore, we envision Embassy Square Mall as a premier place to shop, to eat, and to worship! The Embassy will be, “The Place Where People Matter!”

The 11th Street Corridor stretches from one point of the city to another and was once home to a large number of small businesses and franchises.  In recent years, a number of those businesses have either closed shop or relocated to other areas of the city or the larger Quad-Cities region.  With our investment, we hope to change this dynamic and serve as both a model and a magnet to draw businesses back to 11th Street.

Part of our strategic plan is to stimulate spiritual, social, and economic growth and development in our city by partnering with people.  People that represent businesses, churches, schools, community, and city government.   While fine architecture and beautiful landscaping are wonderful assets in any city, the greatest asset will always be its people. In any city, what matters most are the people.

Embassy Square, LLC
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